3 Days Awake

2008: the bottom dropped out. For America the bottom was the economy, but for Berlin, DJ Lützenkirchen dropped the beat. His EDM song, 3 Tage Wach, spun all over Berlin’s dance institutions, including der Hangar, Sysiphos, Berghain, Bar 25, Tresor, de Bunker, Watergate, and Rummelsbucht. These venues generated a powerful subculture in Berlin as dance established itself as a vehicle of physical political response. The song speaks of an attitude of staying awake and dancing for three days before returning to the capitalist position—the 9 to 5 weekday.

Running with this energy and inspiration, under the alias of the Public Interjection Project, a theoretical exhibition space was initiated—a proposed gallery that sidesteps proper institutional economic protocol and etiquette. 3 Tage Wach - 3 Days Awake acts as an infrastructure that houses the production and display of art, blurring the lines that come with dancing in the dark or art and exhibition, studio as gallery, artist as curator/director/gallery owner, gallery as institution. The physical space is simultaneously a painting studio as well as a space to provide the Los Angeles art community with a platform to produce and provoke art. Like a set for a play, there are movable walls that allow set changes. Each month for six months, a different curator/organizer has been given agency over the course of the month to engage with the public as they see fit. The space opens for three days each month and after six iterations the space has provided a public platform for over one hundred artists, twelve curators/organizers and four artist-run spaces.

After January 2015, 3 Days Awake, the space, will transform into a new type of laboratory that can circulate within a creative community, not trapped in the virtual world of the Internet, embodied in an older system of information transfer. A book will be released in fall 2015 that compresses interviews, essays, conversations and documentation of the six months as well as visual images that negotiate the concepts and permutations of painting in this radical time. These will be given to bookstores, artist-run spaces and institutions at no cost, to be handled in the way each organization sees fit. Sales of the publication will therefore go entirely toward supporting these self-governing institutions.

3 Days Awake has been created by artist Lindsay August-Salazar and is the latest aspect of her Public Interjection Project, founded in 2008.


Exploded Axonometric Drawing: Berghain, Berlin
Illustrated by Henry Stephens